Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Things to Come

  Everyone who knows me well knows I love to be creative.  One of my outlets has become writing which I never seem to have enough time to do properly.  It is something I would love to do as a living but so far God hasn't held that for me.  Perhaps it is coming, perhaps it isn't.  One thing I do know is that the Holy Spirit is pushing me to write.  I have tons of ideas for posts careening through my head.  Some of which probably won't make me popular.  Some might not even seem entirely Christian but I feel the push to write them anyway. 

   I constantly see people doing things because they are supposed to and not because they feel it is correct.  Christianity has two millenia of dogma and I see people who struggle to make their faith their own.  One thing I have always thought, and nothing recently has changed that, is that we all have our own faith.  We can belong to a denomination, be an activist, do good works, whatever, but deep down inside none of us completely believe like one another.  Wars have been fought over this, and likely will be fought again.  All because we don't accect Jesus's call for acceptance of one another.  In the end no one will answer to a mortal man.  We will only answer to God.

   I have opened my heart to the Word of God, and it has spoken to me and at this time He wants me to help others understand that "Love thy neighbor" is far more important that alienating someone because of their sins.  I think some of this will make more sense later as I get into some controversial subjects that bother me but I wanted to have a post I can refer to for so that my intentions are clear.  Some of my posts may cause anger against me, after all Christ was crucified for what his Gospel, but I feel that they need to be said.  I closed myself off from God for so long... Now that he is with me I will try and do as He asks.   

Be Blessed everyone!  Thank you for reading.

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