Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Old Testament

   I finally finished my reading of the Old Testament this week and I'm pretty close to finishing the New Testament as well.   I am not entirely certain how to feel about it, to be honest.  First and foremost I think it needs to be said that to read it you have to put a certain amount of context into it since it was written a long time ago.  Times were different, words were different, meanings were different.  Entire social conventions would never survive today but were the norm at that time.  I did find it insightful and it put a certain context on my new testament readings.  However, there were a few texts that really struck me.

   Oddly enough I really enjoyed the book of Job which is a story I really thought I wouldn't be into as well as Ecclesiastes.  I think that it needs to be said that the former is more of a play or poem than fact, but the meaning behind it is powerful and poignant.  At least at this point, I am a believer in the metaphorical power of the Bible more than trying to adapt a literal translation of it.  Stories like Adam and Eve to me are less about creation and more about the inherent wickedness of man.  I think that a lot of harm has been done to Faith simply because people are too stubborn to adapt.  God's word is flexible and vast and certainly doesn't have to be taken verbatim for it to be a positive power in your life.  If that makes your skin crawl just look at Levitical Law.  Women don't sacrifice doves after they menstruate any more and I don't think a few silver and a marriage is going to take care of your daughter getting raped on a country road.  Times have surely changed and who are we to pick and choose what Laws we will follow just because some make us more comfortable than others.  Let's let Christ be our guide and even though he spoke of the Law and professed it he also emphasized that we must be tolerant and caring.  He told us not to be judgemental and to support the less fortunate.  I'm kind of getting worked up to some more serious subjects that have always irritated me about Christians.  Even know, from the other side, they still do -- Perhaps even more than before.

  As always be Blessed and be tolerant and love thy neighbor.  As it is said in Romans that this command trumps all others, and even more than that, it is the root of all other commandments, let us let out judgements fall away from us and look upon our fellows regardless of creed, race, preference, tattoos, piercings or whatever else they may have that strikes you odd and embrace them as the neighbors they are.  Please share this on Facebook if you agree and give me a +1 on Google.  If you don't please post a response so we can discuss openly our thoughts and views!

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