Friday, June 1, 2012

The Real Truth


 Oh Biblical inerrancy, how you have distorted your followers.  The Church has reveled in ignorance for far too long.  I have seen attacks on intellectuals and those who are educated, and it is a shame.  Let's face it, not everything in the Bible is accurate.  I'm sorry but it is true.  The world isn't 6,000 years old.  There was never a flood that wiped out mankind.  Those are myths that are taken from other cultures and even earlier religions.  The flood, for example was in The Tale of Gilgamesh which dates to somewhere around the 10th to the 13th century BC which would make it roughly contemporary to the likely time of Moses.  It stands to reason that things change and translations become lost.  When we take the Bible as a literal tool we start to lose sight of what it actually says.  It is kind of a "can't see the forest for the trees" mentality.  Somewhere we have lost sight of the message of love and acceptance in this quest for righteousness.  I suppose it is to be expected since it deals with some of our most prime emotions, but the Bible is all about transcending those emotions, not letting them rule you.  I have been in an embroiled debate lately about Jesus and whether or not he could have sinned. It is obvious that he sinned against the Jewish leadership of the time, hence the crucifixion, but did he commit what we now would call a sin?  I think we tend to forget that Christ wasn't a Christian.  I know it is hard to really accept that for some people.  Jesus, or Yeshua, was a Jew.  He taught a simpler form of Judaism that was taught by the Jewish Elite at that time.  Much like Martin Luther, he didn't want to form a new faith, he wanted to fix the one that was already there!  Unfortunately, sometimes things have to be changed to be fixed.  Christianity is a result of that as was the Protestant Reformation.  My very faith and spiritual inspiration has been questioned, yet who is doing the questioning?  Is this just a temptation?  There are many adversaries in our life.  Some would say that the Enemy puts those blocks in front of us, and maybe that is true.  I do feel that there are very nasty spirits that influence people.  I hope that I am not influenced in my writings but when I write I feel these words come through me from God.  I am being told to question my faith, being told that it is wrong, and who does that?  Not God.

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