Thursday, April 12, 2012

Greedy Little Hobbit-ses.

   So tonight is small group for Kat and I.  Usually we reflect on the last sermon but since last week was Resurrection Day service I am not sure if we will be going over that or looking forward to this weeks sermon which I assume to be on the chapter about greed from Enemies of the Heart.  Greed was an interesting chapter for me, one which I thought would really hit home.  However, as Andy Stanley describes it, I don't have as much trouble with it as I thought.  What I always equated to greed he describes as jealousy and that is an issue that plagues me.  Since next Sunday's sermon will likely address that I will wait and write about it next week. 
   Of course, I am hardly immune to greed.  I find myself scoffing at giving and tithing rankles me a bit.  However, I am overcoming that.  I came from a fairly poor family where there were times that even eating was a serious issue.  As a result I have found myself wanting to cling on to the things I have more than I should, I suppose.  At this time in my life it is doubly hard because I don't make stunning amounts of money and I am trying to support a family while putting my wife through college.  There are times that I would love to give more but I can't find the cash to do so.  I know I am hardly alone there either.

   Since I have financial trouble I decided to donate my time instead of my money and I think that is a good substitute for all those of you who are in the same boat as my family.  Since I am new to the whole Christianity world I am still seeking my place where I can help out best but I think that this blog is my first step into that world.  It really isn't much but it is just a start.  I know I want to try my hand at some missionary work in the future but it is likely going to have to wait until Kat graduates.  For now I am going to dedicate myself to study and writing, trying to share some of the inspiration that I am getting from the Bible and hopefully I can light the way for others to follow.  If nothing else, perhaps I can ease the struggles of someone else life, even if it is slightly.

   Thank you for reading everyone, if you like what I'm trying to do please mention my blog or post it on Facebook.  Also clicking "+1+ helps me to get a pressence on Google, which is always nice.  God Bless everyone!

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