Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You Can't Always Get What You Want....

   Jealousy.  I wish I could say that I have a controversial stance that I could take... but I don't.  None the less, lets talk a bit about it and wrap it up.

   This is a subject that I wrestle with, though recently I have gotten a little better at it.  Since I work on the lower end of the pay grade in medical I have naturally gained a number of friends that have far more means than I do.  It has always frustrated me to see what they can get and what I can't.  The trouble is, and I am now starting to see this, those things aren't making them happy.  They get so riled up in the pursuit of what they don't have that they forget to enjoy what they do.  I know one guy, a great friend all in all, that works himself to death so he can change his life.  He could honestly afford to do so without killing himself but that need for stuff won't let him lower his lifestyle and enjoy his opportunities.  I know another that tries to run away all the time, avoiding responsibilities while spending way too much time in the bottom of a bottle.  All because he has let the need for success override his need for contentment.  Now with some clarity it is easy to see why that life is dangerous.

   Andy Stanley wrote that we should celebrate others to cure jealousy.  When I read it I decided to put it to the test and he is right.  When you make a conscious and concerted effort to congratulate people on their successes it takes the fire out of your envy.  I was really amazed at how well it works.  I'm not perfect, mind you, and that guy who is driving my Ford Raptor around town gets to me now and then but the simple act of telling someone that you are impressed with their accomplishments is such a great tool in moving forward.  You can't love your neighbor and hate them for what they have all at the same time.  To truly love you have to be happy for one another when fortune strikes.  What it all comes down to is enjoying what is already here and trusting that God will give you the opportunities that you need, even though that might not be the ones you want.

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