Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lets Call it Reality

As I look around me I see a world blanketed by greed, grasping and clenching at each one of us. People reaching for everything around them at the expense of others, taking what they can just to enjoy their own lives without care of those from whom they take. Looking how much we all take from one another to benefit ourselves, from those we care for as well as the advantage we take from those we don’t. Even though we may glance off a smile of thanks that is not what is truth in though, for the truth in thought in our minds truly is one of only satisfaction knowing we got what we wanted and nothing more. You may quam with this theory but in fact it is a reality, look deep in your mind and take a serious thought to what you have gained through life. Granted yes there are things in lives that we have earned and worked hard for but this is not of which I speak of, it is the things in life that we gain as too please the moment in time. Without knowing this to be the action given or taken, the giver gives without hesitation as we are all most times willing to help those around us but most often only on occasion, hence the theory of blanketed greed. This is what this world breeds as is what our governments and medias promote, creating a world of hate racism depression lust and Greed. Never ending sorrow is the destination of this world if this does not change, continued disease starvation and death on many aspects of what each of our lives need for survival. Be it hunger for religion, food, acceptance, love or mercy, this can outcome can only be changed if everyone changes their actions for corruption is everywhere and none can hide from it.

By. Sir Sprouts McGee

Regardless of controversy I have still decided to post this poem, my words!

Thank you Sprout, you need to continue to write my friend.

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