Saturday, May 12, 2012

And I Pray, A Poem

And I pray,

My heavenly father
Forever your name resounds
Forgive your children
For we have lost what once was found

Somehow dogma
replaced faith and grace
We've lost everything
While caught up in the race.

The body is corrupted
By many abuses
But do not worry
There are those who refuse

To stand with those
Who are lying hypocrites
Spilling their bile
While digging ditches

There is a new generation
Born of Christ to carry the Cross
We will stand and deliver
No matter the loss

So pick up your shame
Come to the cause!
Let the dead preach to the dead
And give the living no pause

Freedom from sin
There is no such thing
But all will be forgiven
If you love, only one, the King.

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