Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Challenge

   This just popped into my mind... Satan literally means adversary and God is love.  By that thought wouldn't Satan be hate?  How then do we get to justify hating groups of people?  The history of the fundamentalist church and hate have entwined themselves far too many times in the past.  Now we have a Pope who upset because his predecessor apologized for the plethora of sins that the Catholic Church has committed?  Where did we go so horribly wrong?  We are letting our "Father's" shape the voice of the one, true God.  A revelation is at hand!  To continue to grow, to continue to be the body of Christ we need to first walk in his footsteps.  Christ didn't change the world because he hated people.  He changed it because he swallowed his pride and walked with those that the mainstream Faith hated.  I ask you all now, do you walk with Christ in Love, or that other guy... by refusing to embrace people.

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