Friday, May 4, 2012

Harmonious Inquisition

   Ah, music, how do I love thee?  I learned what "every good boy does fine" and "face" meant before I really knew how to read them out of a book.  Music has always been a huge deal for me and it is rare that if I don't have a song playing that there isn't one in my head.  When I found Jesus, my music tastes were in for a kick in the nether regions.  To be honest, I still haven't figured them out.  Luckily there are bands like, Skillet, As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red and Demonhunter to name just a few that can keep me sane while I wrestle with one of the hardest subjects for me.

   Now Christ said it isn't what goes into a person that defiles them, it's what comes out.  Of course he was speaking of food but I found more depth in that scripture that relates to other things.  The trouble is, I feel what I hear.  I can almost see much dancing around, I can feel the crescendos bringing my energy levels up and then crashing them down.  The words can move me, though not as often.  I gave up true Satan embracing death metal like Deicide years ago, but that would have been an easy one.  What about Lamb of God?  Phenominal band, lyrics that are politically based but usually don't attack God, maybe some of the hypocrits that follow him, but not God.  With that said, they are named Lamb of God because a church wouldn't let them play with their previous name, Burn the Priest.  There is, most likely, a problem here somewhere. 

   Then there are musical art bands like Meshuggah.  Not very much in the way of Christ, but not against it either.  Most of the lyrics are fairly abstract.  My vote here? "Maybe," and that is the problem.  I have a lot of "maybe's."  There have been a lot of subjects that are taking much of my energy right now and I haven't had time to pray over this to the extent I would like to.  For the time being I am erring on the side of grace.  I have come so far and grown so much but I don't know that I want to risk slipping because of a song that pumps up my adrenaline.  I would love to hear other peoples opinions and how they dealt with them.  I think a little debate on this subject would do me a lof of good.

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  1. I realize we have different perspectives on a lot of things, including religion, but on this subject I think I can definitely offer up my thoughts for your perusal. Let me tell you a bit of a rambling story…

    You and I used to listen to a lot of the same music. We also have (and still have) similar reactions to music. I had a huge “Ah ha!” moment several years ago regarding the music I let into my head. A coworker mentioned in passing that she used to listen to the band I was listening to, then she really listened to the lyrics and how they combined with the music to create a feeling, almost a physical representation of emotion, and it made her sick. She was right.

    I tend to use music sort of as self medication. Yes, there are some bands and some songs that pump me up – but in what way? Is my adrenaline pumping because the music is fueling (and justifying!) my anger? Hatred? Discrimination? Do I then use that adrenaline to justify judging others? Yes, music really is that powerful! It evokes emotions, reactions, sadness, joy, etc. It should be treated carefully.

    I was putting negativity into my body then trying to somehow translate it into something good. No wonder I had a heck of a time being happy! Like I say when building a database, “junk in, junk out.” I decided that I was done with putting negativity into my body, including into my ears. I’ve worked through it song by song. If a song doesn’t make me feel good in a healthy, positive way, I don’t listen to it. It really is that simple. It is so much more satisfying to listen to a song that pumps your adrenaline, leaves you smiling, and urges you to pass on your happiness and love to others.

    There’s a song by Sheryl Crow called Peace Be Upon Us. Every time I listen to it, I want to hug everyone I see and tell them, “Peace be upon us!” We ARE blessed!

    Finally, while it may be true that, “Christ said it isn't what goes into a person that defiles them, it's what comes out.” I find it much easier to produce positivity when that’s what I’m putting into my body.

    Just my thoughts. :-)