Thursday, May 10, 2012


I will hold the hand of the Muslim, the Jew and the Hindu. I will task with the Shinto, the Buddhist or even the Atheist provided that we walk into the light and grace the human race with love and justice, compassion and peace. The time is at hand that we stop this useless self destruction and hatred for one another. If we have the same goals then why is it so hard for us to unite? Why can't we set aside those years of fear and abuse so we can bring the light of our goodness to the darkest corners of the globe? The gay marriage debate has illustrated how skewed our priorities are. People starve, women are raped, children are murdered yet there is this endless diatribe of filth coming from both sides. You want equality? Let's first look at ourselves. All of us. The pathetic injustices in this Nation pale in comparison to other parts of the world. If we continue to bicker, to fight and waste our energy then nothing will ever be solved. I may sound like some leftist hippie but the truth hurts, and trust me it when I tell you that it hurts me most of all.

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